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Feel the wind in your hair and smell the salt in the air as you take to the sea, far away from the tourist track, to explore seldom visited islands and commune with remarkable wildlife. While all of our marine adventures are unique, they share the same spirit of exploration. The spirit that propelled legendary explorers like Marco Polo and Ernest Shackleton to keep searching for their personal paradise. Whether you are looking to frolic with sea lions in the Galapagos, sail a private yacht in Greece or commune with thousands of Gentoo Penguins in Antarctica, we can take you there.

At G Adventures, we encourage you to step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary. Our award-winning trips embrace authentic accommodation and local transportation to bring you face to face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.

G Expedition

At a nimble 105 metre in length, the G Expedition is capable of reaching remote areas the bigger ships simply can't reach. She can accommodate a maximum of…

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Greek Sailing Yacht

Every space on our yachts is designed for functional potential. The upper deck offers a comfy lounge where you can enjoy the view or learn sailing 101. Bel…

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Thailand Catamaran

With two hulls instead of one, catamarans offer a unique twist on the traditional cruise experience. Our 82-footers handle like yachts (as you’ll find out …

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Amatista Riverboat

Our purpose-built riverboat grants you the freedom to explore the Amazon in comfort. Boasting roomy public spaces, a cheery upper deck, and stunning, take-…

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Croatia Sailing Yacht

Our 52 foot yacht is equipped with four standard double cabins, as well as three bathrooms, and two showers. There is an onboard kitchenette, interior and …

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Monserrat (G7)

With plenty of room to move about and the best passenger-to-guide ratio in our fleet, the monserrat is value incarnate. Comfortable cabins and common areas…

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Xavier III

When it comes to our stellar fleet of Galápagos vessels, the Xavier III is made for both great value and great service. Imagine all the luxury of fresh gou…

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Estrella del Mar

One of the newest vessels in our Galápagos fleet, the Estrella del Mar is as beautiful as her name. With room for 16 travellers and a CEO Naturalist Guide …

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Cuba Catamaran

With room for 16 passengers and a crew of three, our catamaran hits the sweet spot between spacious and cozy. Stylish looks spread across 25m (82 ft) of tw…

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Toum Tiou 2

Built with a traditional look, the Toum Tiou II adds a new dimension to exploring the natural and man-made wonders of this part of the world. Named for the…

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Welcome aboard the Daniele - a piloted river barge (or peniche) that doubles as your floating hotel. Boat Layout: Spacious lounge with bar, dining area…

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Maldives Dhoni

This traditional fishing boat is essential to Maldivian identity. The motorized one you’ll sail with us has been modernized and equipped with all the ameni…

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BVI Catamaran

A handsome 12m (40 ft) of double-hulled swiftness, our catamaran handles just like a yacht in case you decide to take a turn at the helm. There’s only room…

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This attractive 16-passenger ship boasts surprisingly spacious cabins for its size, and the large upper deck allows you to soak up as much of the Ecuadoria…

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Reina Silvia Yacht

The Reina Silvia Voyager is just as elevated as the name implies. This modern catamaran offers increased stability when cruising the waters of the Galápago…

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Indonesia Catamaran

With two hulls instead of one, catamarans offer a unique twist on the traditional cruise experience. Our 57-footers handle like yachts (as you’ll find out …

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Sri Lanka Catamaran

Both our 16m (53 ft) sailing catamarans are equipped with four double/twin cabins in the Lower Deck, with en suite bathrooms, portholes, and rooftop pop-up…

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The latest addition to the G Adventures fleet— Eden — equipped with amenities that have your comfort and exploratory spirit in mind. Being nimble alway…

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