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Albatros Expeditions

As part of the Albatros group, our company has amassed decades of know-how in the travel industry around the world, with an emphasis on our home turf, the Nordic countries.

Albatros Expeditions has been intricately conceived on the foundation of this experience, the expertise of our staff, the distinct superiority of small ship cruises, and of our greatest advantage: The familiarity and proximity to our native environment, the Nordic regions.

To continue bringing high measures of quality in each voyage, our team is often tracing routes on the map to bring forth new exciting expeditions for our guests. Before the voyages are approved, we have established a demanding set of conditions to ensure Nordic standards of service, safe and transformational experiences in every outing, distinguished lectures and programs, to both educate and entertain our guests. We are also proud to offer an exclusive menu aboard our ship, which has been highly rated in all surveys this past winter.
Ocean Victory

Albatros Expeditions is honored to announce the acquisition of its new luxury infinity vessel, Ocean Victory, which will join our fleet from November 2021,…

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Ocean Atlantic

Ocean Atlantic is the perfect vessel for expedition cruising in Antarctic waters! Newly renovated in 2016 and with an international ice class rating of 1B,…

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Ocean Albatros

The Ocean Albatros, sistership to the Ocean Albatros, will join the fleet of Albatros Expeditions in November 2022. The Ocean Albatros will be deployed …

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